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Royal Weddings - which Princess wore it best?

So after Princess Beatrice’s secret wedding a few days ago, it’s got us all talking about royal weddings and which dress was our favourite...

It’s no secret, I absolutely loved Kate’s dress! I thought she looked absolutely stunning and managed to combine the modern look and classic royal style perfectly. I was so excited for the wedding and couldn’t wait for the big dress reveal - I wasn’t disappointed, that’s for sure.

When Meghan wed Harry, we were all left wondering what dress she was going to wear - was she going to defy the Royals with a ‘celebrity’ style gown or go along with the royal tradition. I feel Meghan’s dress was simple and classic, yet not traditional in the Royal sense, making it a perfect match for her. I loved the way in which she managed to combine her own style with what was expected of her as a Princess.

Princess Eugenie won me over with her dress. Like Kate, her dress was classic and royal but similarly to Meghan, simple yet understated. I loved the statement neckline adding a bit of a twist and personality to the dress.

And then by surprise, we have Beatrice, who’s wedding had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She surprised us all, not only by getting married in a secret ceremony, but by modelling a dress of the Queen’s - you can’t get much more royal than that can you! She looked stunning and it was lovely to see such an iconic gown being worn again. It was lovely to see a Princess dress with some bling!

Each of them looked beautiful in their dresses. Each of them different in their own special way. Which is your favourite?

Photo: Daily Express

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