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Unique Ideas For Hosting a Spring Wedding

Spring has sprung and there is something truly romantic about a spring wedding. They are full of greenery and blooms and there’s a good chance you’ll get some sunshine too! Whilst the weather can be a little unpredictable there are still lots of ways you can enjoy a spring wedding. If you are planning a spring wedding I’ve rounded up some of the best ways you can host a wedding in this beautiful season. These spring details will have you and your guests full of the joy of spring in


No matter whether you are planning a spring wedding in a garden or you’ve chosen a swanky hotel, spring colours brighten any occasion. Whether you choose blush, champagne or sage greens keeping your colours in the spring realm will make your wedding feel fresh and romantic. Pair neutrals with pastel colours, similarly pale pinks and purples mixed with bluebell-blues are incredibly romantic.


The great news about holding your nuptials in spring is there will be no shortage of flowers. Choose flowers that are in season if you are conscious about your carbon footprint or budget. Spring wedding flowers include hyacinths, sweet pea, lily of the valley and freesia, all of which are highly scented additions to bridal bouquets – meaning not only will they look beautiful but they’ll also smell amazing too! Tulips, daffodils and forget-me-nots are also in season and add fantastic texture to centerpieces, bouquets and arrangements.

Whilst you are at it, if you are going to have a spring wedding than aside from the usual bouquets and buttonholes you could take the flower theme a whole lot further by adding floral wreaths and corsages into your decoration. The floral wreaths could be work in bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ hair whilst the mother of the bride and groom can wear corsages.

Light Coloured Suits for the Grooms Party

Just as the ladies will be wearing lightweight material within their dresses there’s seasonal options for the men’s outfits too. Choosing lighter coloured suits will not only reflect the heat should you be super lucky with the temperature on your wedding day, but it will also compliment the other spring colours used elsewhere too.

Include a Drinks Station

I love the idea of having a drinks station for a spring wedding. Whether you have non-alcoholic options such as homemade lemonade or fruit punch or an alcoholic version with flavoured gins or a prosecco bar it will certainly be something appreciated by your guests. If you are more of a cocktail lover you can start your reception with one or two signature cocktails, who doesn’t love a spring cocktail? Think fruity, colourful and garnished with spring fruits or herbs. Your guests will be in cocktail heaven!

If you fancied extending the theme to dessert, you could have an ice cream station or sorbet station complete with various toppings.

Colourful Food

Colour can be used in so much more than just your décor. Spring is the perfect time to ramp up the colourful plates. Edible garnishes and flowers elevate dishes spectacularly and will surely impress even the fussy eaters at your wedding. Spring couples are in luck as many edible garnishes are in season meaning there should be a wide variety available to compliment your menu.

Add colour to your cake, by having a design painted onto the actual cake or if you are looking for something more traditional; adorn it with flowers.

Spring is a gorgeous time of year to get married, as mentioned earlier flowers are in full bloom, the harshness and bareness of winter is gone and the weather isn’t blazing hot, although you never know! If you are planning a spring wedding incorporate one or more of these ideas into your day to have a truly unique day.

Are you planning a spring wedding? Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

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