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Why Have a Wedding Day when You Can Have a Wedding Weekend!

With all the wedding planning that goes into making your big day just perfect, it's no wonder more and more couples are choosing to have their weddings over multiple days. Having a wedding weekend instead of one long day lets you celebrate with your loved ones for longer, and can be a lot more fun! Plus, it gives you a chance to really show off your creativity with themed dances, parties, and other activities. If you're thinking of having a wedding weekend instead of a day-long event, here are some tips to help make sure it goes smoothly.

If you are looking to plan the ultimate, show stopping wedding…. this could be just the thing for you. Gone are the days of traditional weddings and these days pretty much anything goes. Which we think is great. Your wedding should be as unique and special as you are, why settle for a one-day wedding when you can have a three day one. Having your wedding spread over a couple of days allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones and really share in the joy of your union with friends and family. It is worth remembering though that having a 2-day wedding will take A LOT more planning and almost certainly, more budget.

If you are sitting here thinking ‘Hmmm, YES! This is a bit of me right here’- Then read on to discover how you can make your wedding an UNFORGETTABLE event, not only for you, but your guests too.

One of the most special reasons why you might like consider a wedding weekend is you get to spend more time with your loved ones. You probably have family and friends that are travelling from all corners of the county and beyond, so getting to spend precious time with them may not happen that often. What better way to spend time together than celebrating your wedding over a whole weekend? Most brides and grooms say their big day is that it goes by in a flash. By hosting an entire wedding weekend, you can extend that “best day ever” feeling for just a little longer.

There are SO many venue types that can accommodate a ‘Wedding weekend’, from manor houses to tipi tents you really do have a lot of choice. If you are looking for a more relaxed style wedding, why not consider a festival theme and have a stretch tent with glamping pods for your guests with an outdoor BBQ for your evening meals. If you are looking for a more elegant feel there are lots of country houses that accommodate for a 2-day wedding. These types of wedding venues tend to have a smaller number of rooms available for your guests but to get round that you could see what local hotels and B&Bs are nearby. If you let them know you are looking for a few rooms for a group of wedding guests they will more than likely give you a nice little discount.

Another way you could organise your wedding weekend is to have it abroad, then you could call it a wedding holiday. This would work fab as you and your guests could stay in the same resort and then, either have the ceremony in house or look at other possibilities like a local chapel, on the beach or on location with a beautiful backdrop.

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important and memorable days of your life, with months even years spent on planning it to perfection. So spending those extra few days with your loved ones and being able to fully relax over a few days will ensure you get to take in EVERY single moment.

So, would you consider a wedding weekend? It could be the perfect way to celebrate your love with all of your favourite people in one place. And don’t worry – we can help take care of all the details so that you can relax and enjoy your special time.

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